What is an Odyssey Alumni?

Since 1978, students around the globe have been solving creative problems in the Odyssey of the Mind program.
Omers live in every corner of the world and include artists, executives, architects, engineers, and more.

Odyssey Alumni are “graduates” of Odyssey of the Mind. People who participated as team members and have moved on to do great things, large and small. We recognize that Odyssey of the Mind has helped shape us to be creative problem solvers in our jobs, our homes, and in our communities. For many of us Odyssey continues to be a part of our family.

Since Odyssey gave us so much, we hope you will stay involved and help shape the next generation of problem solvers. In addition to being artists, executives, architects, engineers, etc, many of us have stayed with the program to be coaches, school contacts, workers, judges, and caretakers of the program. Our family reunions are regional, state, and world tournaments.

Remember the old pledge?

Odyssey of the Mind is in the air,
in my heart and everywhere. 
My team and I will reach together 
to find solutions now and forever.
We are Odyssey of the Mind!

Now and forever: we are it and it is us!