Scholarship Application

Florida’s Odyssey of the Mind Alumni group has created a scholarship to benefit Florida Odyssey of the Mind Alumni currently enrolled in University/College who are currently officiating. We will award at least one annual scholarship of $250 to a Florida Odyssey of the Mind Alumni who officiates this year at any regional tournament in Florida and at the Florida Odyssey of the Mind State Tournament, embodies the spirit of Odyssey, and demonstrates the creativity so central to Odyssey of the Mind.

Scholarship money is primarily raised by Alumni through a program called Odyssey Couch Surfing. Couch Surfing occurs when an Odyssey Official, who meets the requirements of needing a hotel for a Florida Odyssey event, prefers to “Couch Surf” or sleep on someone’s couch to save Florida Odyssey of the Mind money. In return, a portion of the money that would have gone to pay for the hotel is given to the alumni scholarship fund.

Please view the application below for requirements:

Alumni scholarship application form